The Old and New

The old and new,

If both be true,

So hard to bring

To unity.

The present here,

The past is near,

Both offering

Their clarity.


So frustrating,

Yet what comes

Is bold and new.

It’s more complete,

More bittersweet.

A journey’s sum

Shows how we grew.

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Immersed in Time

We are immersed in time,

In space, in life, in Light.

Height by height we climb,

Hoping to get our dreams in sight.

A wheel of endless searching,

Til the turning’s made to cease.

Why waste the journey lurching

To and from each false release?

Why not savor every cycle,

Resting in the peace of now?

Life’s too short to trifle with

Or squander anyhow.

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For a Time

Lose yourself in something

Each and every day.

If there is passion hiding,

Free it right away.

Life is but a passing wave

We float on for a time.

So do not for tomorrow save

What now would be sublime.

Hide not your love, your joy, your art;

Do not conceal your gifts or heart.

We are here but for a breath.

Live out loud ere you depart.

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Misdeeds to Flee

You are not what they say.

Well, you don’t have to be.

Why let their declarations

Be the word on you and me?

It’s a silly kind of habit

That helps us on our way

To write off and dismiss outright

The ones who go astray.

Yet when we take a moment,

It’s plenty plain to see

That the one’s who pass their judgment

Have their own misdeeds to flee.

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