All You Love

All you love

Will hurt the most.

Yet there’s no question

Of its worth.

We endure

Whatever pain

Love may bear

Time and again.

Life is joyful,

Painful, too.

To lack in one

Is costing you.

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I Don’t Care

I don’t care for empty tombs

From places long forgotten;

Divided seas or altar pleas

Or wars I never fought in.

No, the Truth is nearer, nearer,

Something I can feel.

Every day I find it clearer,

Something lived and real.

I am the empty tomb,

Freed from death’s embrace.

My path, the sea, the plea, the war

That ends in Sacred Space.

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Not Back

Truth does matter.

Let illusions shatter,

For as painful as that step may be,

‘Tis worth the clash and clatter.

Comfort comes at cost.

For the Truth is often lost

When we choose to keep our blinders on,

By waves of ignorance tossed.

Struggle with the facts.

Allow your thoughts and acts

To be affected all that you learn,

Move forward and not back.

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Am I just that strange

For wanting so much change?

How can we stop looking for

A way to love each other more?

How can we just leave behind

Our kindred; put them out of mind?

Why must we so quickly fight

The truth and keep it out of sight?

How desperately do we all need

To shed the coverings of greed;

To silence all the strength of fear;

To seek the truth, invite it near!

For only when we open up

Can we rise up and then disrupt

The systems weighing people down,

Depriving royals of their crown.

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