What Do We Do?

What do we do?

There is much we say,

But every day

It’s how we act that’s shining through.

What do we do?

We think a lot,

Yet that does not

Suffice when all our deeds are few.

What do we do?

Who are you?

Who am I?

Let us be true.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!


So many whirling thoughts

Deep within my mind are caught.

They offer little rest

From all the world’s unkind tempest.

It’s hard to form a tender line,

To put words in an order fine,

When all of life’s activity

Unravels creativity.

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Not a Poem, Just a Thought

Looking at my son, pondering the times, and standing in awe of the fragility and persistence of life. I don’t want him to grow up in a world in which people turn inward and hoard resources in times of crisis. I want him to know generosity and hope, even in the midst of intense pressure.

I guess that begins with me.

What kind of world do we want to leave behind?

Best to start now.