Look upon the Sun,

Her glowing, heated rays.

Rising new to warm the world,

Instruction she conveys.

As she runs her course,

Blazing hot across the skies,

So, too, will we sometimes fall;

But always, we can rise.

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When there’s someone that you miss,

Just try to remember this:

The aching comes from love

For the one you’re thinking of.

The pain is born of former joy

No grief or sadness can destroy.

Every bit of darkest night

Is born from brightest, warmest light.

And just as stumbling helps us learn,

So from this darkness you’ll return.

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The Moment

For every valley, deep and dark,

A flame of glee begins to spark.

When we cry out from mountain tops,

A time will come when feasting stops.

Do not ask “why” of suffering;

Don’t to despair or brightness cling.

Shadows fall and light will rise.

It’s all laid out before your eyes.

Life is not life without its seasons,

And darkness has no deeper reasons

Than to balance out the light.

So keep the longer view in sight.

What now is will soon be past.

Embrace the moment while it lasts.