Power in the Light

There is power in the Light

In the Night

Out of sight.

With an open heart we might

See it right,

Shining bright.

Whether fallen from the heights

Or filled quite

Up with delight,

We can see and put to flight

All our fright

Our petty spite.

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When You Feel…

When you feel you’ve nothing left,

Feeling pillaged and bereft;

When to your soul, you’re weighted down,

Hammered deep beneath the ground;

When your eyes can see no light,

And every limb has lost its fight;

When all your joints and bones object,

Your muscles every move reject;

When life no longer seems so sweet,

And every effort brings defeat,

Remember, try and try to see

That Love can fuel you endlessly.

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From Where Comes Strength?

From where comes strength?

From harsh words and beatings?

No, I say.

That awful way

Is naught but self-defeating.

It’s from within.

It grows with facing,

Facing me,


Til it’s betterment I’m chasing.

We’re strong when we are scared,

But loving anyway.

Hurt, we heal.

Numb, we feel.

We want to flee… but stay.

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What I Decide

Am I the monster some might see

If granted glimpses into me?

They might say I’m “of a kind,”

Pass me by, and pay no mind;

Or given cause to raise a shout,

Make sure I know what I’m about,

Yet “they” are naught but static sound,

Critics who were not around

To see the changes I have made,

The ways I’ve grown, the price I’ve paid.

So let them their misleadings spout;

As for me, I hold no doubt

That, as far as I foresee,

I’ll be what I decide to be.

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