Sometimes you’ll feel disconnected.

Been too long since you’ve detected

Any hint of sacred touch.

I wouldn’t let it bug you much.

Instead of dwelling on the lack,

Try to cut yourself some slack.

We live in times not suited to

Fostering Divine in you.

Simplify the way you live,

And focus on what you can give.

Soon it will be brought to bear

That sacredness is everywhere.

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Mystic’s Peak

Do not stay trapped in the letter

For the Spirit is much better.

“Did it happen?” will not do,

But “Is it real?” or “Is it true?”

These kinds of questions speak to meaning,

Whether we are wisdom gleaning.

Declaring something is a fact,

There’s not much one can add to that.

Yet if it is of Truth we speak,

We join the mystic on his peak

To see the world with magic eyes,

In every moment a surprise.

The past holds many wonders, true,

But Spirit longs to speak to you.

Here and now, the everyday,

If handled in another way,

Can fast become miraculous

If we let Christ enlighten us.

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