Honor the Body

Honor the Body,

Same as the Spirit.

Our life here is sacred;

We need to hear it.

Our works need to cease,

At regular times,

So we can just Be,

Soaking in the Sublime.

Your value is not

In the goods you produce;

You’re worth more than talk

Of earning and use.

You’re a beautiful Soul,

Only here for a blink.

So take it all in.

It’s worth more than you think.

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Inner Temple

I close my eyes, and I am there.

My temple is found everywhere.

Every time I look inside,

I find another place to hide.

Atop a mountain range, I sigh

And reach my hand to touch the sky.

I turn around, my altar shines

Within a hall of glass and lines.

In every place, each single day,

I know I can access The Way

By turning in and tuning out

The things which I can do without.

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Seeking brings frustration.

That need for new sensation

Brings the bitter truth to bear

That we’re but grasping at the air.

I’ve heard the Masters cry

That so long as there’s a Why,

We will remain in seeking trapped

While Spirit’s riches stay untapped.

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