A Word of Cheer

A blissful silence

Waits inside us,

Speaking life

Into our strife.

A sacred space,

An inner place

To which we flee

When urgently

We need to hear

A word of cheer.

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Chapel Visit

Light through windows tall and wide

Ignites the surfaces inside.

Wood and brass and fibers gleam

As I am lost in mystic dreams.

Echoes from the creaks and cracks,

I sit a few rows from the back.

My eyes are closed so I can see

What’s offered by Divinity.

Words are neatly tucked away,

And thought’s suspended as I pray.

The One who is cannot be known

Except by still, sweet Love, alone.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

Value, Too

Let the air caress your skin,

And let the Silence enter in.

Take a moment to receive,

For in such moments you’ll perceive

That you and every thing are one,

All that moves under the sun.

Know the value within you,

And know that all have value, too.

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