Leave Space

We all share this place,

Yet we all act like it’s ours.

Leave space for others.

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Ev’ry Tongue

Your story isn’t mine,

But I think that is fine.

I say God speaks in ev’ry tongue,

Those near and far; the old and young;

The atheist and Hindu, too;

Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Jew;

With each, I feel a grace is shared

And aspects of the Truth are bared.

I feel there’s much we all could learn

If everyone could have their turn.

If we make space for all to live,

We also grant that all may give.

This doesn’t mean we will agree,

Or that all is futility.

It is, however, best that we

Allow for everyone to Be.

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Where to Start

It’s frightening for me to share

My work, my words, myself laid bare

Yet I know I simply must

A gesture of my faith and trust

For all of this world’s troubles lie

In our refusal to even try

How can I ask for openness

If I’m concealing my own mess?

No, even though it scares me so

My fullest self I have to show

For if I want this world to be

Better, it must start with me.