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Be Blessed!

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Tongue of Love

Hold me close until your heartbeat

Is all I feel within me.

Let our oneness clear the empty

Buzzing, Blaring of the daily.

Close the door and let us plainly

Speak the tongue of Love insanely;

Let the song of Love we’ve played be

What guides us through the “Maybe.”

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Love is Love

How can love be wrong or bad?

I find even the notion sad.

The parental brutality

In damning sexuality

Is altogether sick to me.

That’s not how you treat family.

Love does no wrong to other people

Love is not owned by state or steeple

If no harm is being done,

And if a person’s found “the one,”

Do we have to go erupt

Just ’cause their parts don’t quite “match up?”

Do you think that sex should be

Seen as it was First Century,

Even though it’s likely true

You think this way ’cause it ain’t you?

Until all love is celebrated,

The healing much anticipated

Will keep on stalling at the door

‘Til we’re not judging anymore.