Message: Step Back

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Angst Over You

Why angst over you?

All you say and think and do?

What gains have you from tearing

Into your own living, sharing?

Why not accept, embrace the strange

Instead of forcing Self to change?

If you are harming not a soul,

And have yourself under control,

Keep and treasure what defines,

Surrendering all that confines.

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Different Me

Each day receives a different me.

I think and act adaptively.

On days the sun revives my soul,

An inner fire uncontrolled,

I rarely sit or settle down,

Creating, fixing, running ’round.

Yet other days are clouded, still.

I rest and keep a lighter pace.

I seek a still and quiet space.

Other days are in-between,

With ebb and flow from scene to scene.

I listen to my spirit’s need

And act in line with what’s decreed.

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Your Way Inside

What is your Center,

Your Sacred place?

How do you enter

Such special space?

Do you write or paint or draw?

Affix your gloves and clench your jaw?

Move your feet to song and beat

Or pound the pavement on your street?

Is silence where you find the door,

Just sit and breathe and nothing more?

How do you find

Your way inside

Your peace of mind

Where Soul abides?

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!