Lying on the floor

Wishing I was more.

A new version of me

That I cannot even see.

But I guess that’s how

Things tend to happen now.



Reaching out and hoping for

A shade, a ghost and nothing more.

Time to realize

The doubts are bloody lies

Who I am is more than fine

My life has value ’cause it’s mine.


If for your past they’re judging you,
Know they’ve no clue what’s really true.
They weren’t there to see your toil
As you cultivated inner soil.
They didn’t see you plant the seeds
Of healing thoughts and words and deeds.
They didn’t share in your shed tears
When looking back at wasted years.
They’ve no idea how much you’ve grown.
Let that be what you know and own.
If they can’t love what you’ve become,
Don’t let those fools be bothersome.

Today’s Poem: (Re)Learning Nature

Observe the cat

Sleep, eat, play

A simple formula for each day

Make time to rest

Time to nourish

Your activities will surely flourish

We are of nature

One with earth

A lesson dimmed upon our birth

But deep within

Our cultured shells

An earthy, nat’ral being dwells

Take off your shoes

Turn off your phone

And take a walk outside alone

Take out the earbuds

Power down

Let busy-ness in silence drown

Embrace your senses

Love yourself

Leave all the rest upon a shelf.

Peace be with you!