First Day Message, “Rest is Worship”

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I plan to be back to writing and posting poetry starting tomorrow. Keep an eye out 😉

Be Blessed!

Cat, the Moon, and I

The Moon and I, we took a walk,

Just to laugh and cry and talk.

She took my hand, we danced a spell

As Florence sang of ocean swells.

I took a drag and spoke my mind

As that ol’ Moon her ear inclined.

A grey cat happened up by chance

And paused her hunt to join the dance.

The night wind carried Florence near

So Cat, the Moon, and I could hear.

We thanked her kindly, took a bow,

Shared a soft “Good-bye for now.”

We’ll be back to dance again

And laugh about where we have been.

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No Bliss

If there is no bliss,

If joy is not found,

One’s life is amiss

As misery abounds.

To create and to give,

To love and to share,

To laugh and to live,

To hope and to dare,

All require a breath,

A restorative way.

Quit working to death.

Enjoy your brief stay.

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The Floor

The floor feels like it draws me toward

The center of this flying sphere.

Tired of moving back and forward,

I let my body settle here.

I wish that I could do and do,

As I see others pushing through.

Yet I have limits firmly set.

I’ll rest and hope to start anew.

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