Tension’s Grasp

Tension is the place of change,

The factory for all things new.

We find the path to what can be

Between what is and all we knew.

When we flee from Tension’s grasp

So all our comforts can be clasped,

We find our progress, growth have lapsed

To keep our structures from collapse.

And yet, if we would just lean in,

Accepting that we need the stress

To forge a novel way ahead,

We’ll heal our worst and fuel our best.

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See Through

I am tired,

Also wired.

Tired of the willfull lack

Of knowledge, wisdom, the looking back

To times unreal or falsely seen

Through privilege’s deceptive gleam.

Yesteryear has gone away,

Into the past; it’s there to stay.

And just because it worked for you

Does not mean this was for all true.

The present is the place to be;

The future, we have yet to see.

The past must die, and there remain.

Let us learn and try again.

The weariness our culture brings

Also opens other things.

I feel the energy of all

The one’s that history recalls

As those who fought and struggled for

A world no one had seen before.

I enter now into their tale.

I may succeed or I may fail.

But one thing I will never do

Is quit before I see things through.

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This Place

It’s a simple thing,

This wandering

In which we all partake.

We complicate

We hesitate,

And spend it half awake.

But if we pause,

Accept our flaws,

And opt instead for grace,

We’ll mindfully

And kindly see

The gift that is this place.

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What’s in Front of Me?

What’s in front of me?

That’s all that I can do.

The tasks that I can see

Are all I can work through.

I cannot change the past;

The future’s out of sight.

The present will not last,

So I’ll just be,

Work faithfully,

And leave the rest up to the Light.

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The past and the future,

All ever present.

No lines and no boundaries

To move from or toward.

All things are now,

Affecting each moment.

It all lives within us

As our lives move forward.

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Heaven & Hell

A person needn’t die to see

Heaven’s Light or Hell’s debris.

In every word, with every deed,

We choose the kind of Life we’ll lead.

Hell’s fires light with words of spite

That keep us trapped in endless fight.

Yet if we can forgive and love,

What Life is that but Heav’n’s above?

You see, we choose our fates right now.

Sit back, observe, and you’ll see how.

It’s best that we remember this:

Eternity is in our midst.

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