Just Be

Don’t be afraid to just be you,

And to your intuition true.

You needn’t play by other rules

Designed to please exclusive fools.

You needn’t choose a camp or side,

When in the Way you do abide.

Learn from everyone you meet,

And take your pond’rings to the street.

Enact your values with great care,

Be kind and generous and fair.

If in love you make your way,

There’s nothing anyone can say.

Embrace your weird, your zen, your bliss

For there is peace and joy in this.

Don’t let those others say you’re wrong.

Accept yourself, and you’ll belong.

In Passing

I am but a passing shade;

Here today, but soon to fade.

Yet this is not a cause for grief,

For though our stay here might be brief,

Each one of us now has the chance

To make a move in life’s grand dance.

Don’t wait another beat to say

Important things along the way.

Don’t stall in being kind or true,

And don’t stop cultivating “you.”

Be quick with generosity,

Respecting everyone you see.

Share and give and love and smile.

We’re only here a little while.