In Season

Consider the clouds,

Bringing water, shade, and cold,

Each in their season.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

Unspeakable Awe

There are no words that can suitably hold

Nor words with which can be suitably told

The wild and blissful and harrowing story

Of Life and its pain and its sorrow and glory.

All speech and all grasping will utterly fail

To tell of my own insignificant tale.

How much more should we stand in unspeakable awe

Of the unified whole into which we are drawn!

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Path Be Dark

Though path be dark and home be far,

Practice “grateful” where you are.

The road may not be clear ahead,

So simply follow where you’re lead

By the Quiet Voice within

That sings beneath the worldly din.

Though path be dark and home be far,

Hold fast to your Inner Star.

Follow Her to where She sets.

The journey isn’t over yet.

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Inner Temple

I close my eyes, and I am there.

My temple is found everywhere.

Every time I look inside,

I find another place to hide.

Atop a mountain range, I sigh

And reach my hand to touch the sky.

I turn around, my altar shines

Within a hall of glass and lines.

In every place, each single day,

I know I can access The Way

By turning in and tuning out

The things which I can do without.

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Heart Ablaze

What will come, I cannot know;

But every day, I pray I show

A Love that knows no bounds at all

And hands that won’t let others fall.

I pray for words that meet the needs

And faith shown clearly by my deeds.

Ever humble, let me learn

As passion for all virtue burns;

Mind kept open, heart ablaze,

Be made known in all my ways.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!