Sleeping Morn

In the dark, I find my peace.

My mind ignites, my stress released.

In the quiet of the sleeping morn,

I find my spirit is reborn.

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Include Us

Peace and Justice are intertwined

And if one remains undermined

The other will still elude us.

We must be sure to include us.

As we deny one another,

And as we exclude each other,

We, too, leave ourselves behind and

Have no place on which we can stand.

So if you want enjoy Peace,

And want your fears to be released,

Ensure that each has a fair share.

Let Justice be done ev’rywhere.

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Dreaming of Peace

Peace comes not from threat of force,

From fear or wealth, some fragile source.

Peace is found in people whole

And fed and free; when every soul

Has food to eat, a place to sleep,

When we collectively can weep

For all injustice, every loss,

Beyond all superficial gloss.

When we build each other up

And share of every meal and cup,

When we drop arms of every kind,

Maybe then some Peace we’ll find.

Yes, educated, healed, and loved,

We’ll find the Peace we’re dreaming of.

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Heaven & Hell

A person needn’t die to see

Heaven’s Light or Hell’s debris.

In every word, with every deed,

We choose the kind of Life we’ll lead.

Hell’s fires light with words of spite

That keep us trapped in endless fight.

Yet if we can forgive and love,

What Life is that but Heav’n’s above?

You see, we choose our fates right now.

Sit back, observe, and you’ll see how.

It’s best that we remember this:

Eternity is in our midst.

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