The Simple

The simple frees us.

We can rest from future fears.

We can love what is.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

Your Way Inside

What is your Center,

Your Sacred place?

How do you enter

Such special space?

Do you write or paint or draw?

Affix your gloves and clench your jaw?

Move your feet to song and beat

Or pound the pavement on your street?

Is silence where you find the door,

Just sit and breathe and nothing more?

How do you find

Your way inside

Your peace of mind

Where Soul abides?

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

Include Us

Peace and Justice are intertwined

And if one remains undermined

The other will still elude us.

We must be sure to include us.

As we deny one another,

And as we exclude each other,

We, too, leave ourselves behind and

Have no place on which we can stand.

So if you want enjoy Peace,

And want your fears to be released,

Ensure that each has a fair share.

Let Justice be done ev’rywhere.

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