The drought-stricken land

Is most ready for the rain.

Empty, you can gain.

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Am I just that strange

For wanting so much change?

How can we stop looking for

A way to love each other more?

How can we just leave behind

Our kindred; put them out of mind?

Why must we so quickly fight

The truth and keep it out of sight?

How desperately do we all need

To shed the coverings of greed;

To silence all the strength of fear;

To seek the truth, invite it near!

For only when we open up

Can we rise up and then disrupt

The systems weighing people down,

Depriving royals of their crown.

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A Kink

Every journey hits a kink

That makes us have to stop and think.

While it may deal a heavy blow,

Imagine if this wasn’t so.

Every path should force a pause;

Consideration of our cause.

What if this isn’t my true way?

What if my goal’s a mere delay?

What if there may be more for me

That this detour can help me see?

What are my true motivations?

Have they skewed my navigations?

Without questions, I do fear

Too many folks would simply veer

In whatever manner came to mind,

Only to disaster find.

So give some thanks for subtle blocks

That make us pause and then take stock.

It might just be the planted seed

That bears exactly what you need.