Waves Roll High

Wisdom dawns for me

At the boundries of the sea.

Waves roll high

As morning tides

Erase my certainty.

For every course I run

Underneath the blazing sun,

Despite it all,

I’m still so small,

When all is said and done.

I watch the waters lift

And pull and swell and drift,

I must confess

Deep thankfulness,

For Life is such a gift.

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Our Only Home

This spinning ball’s our only home;

We have nowhere else to roam.

Reuse your bottles, walk with care;

The Life in you is everywhere.

Reduce all that you claim to need;

While eating, be sure that you feed;

Keep an eye on what you buy;

They sell destruction on the sly.

Walk more, drive less, keep usage low;

Take time to plant things that will grow.

This spinning ball’s our only home;

We have nowhere else to roam.

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Into The Skies

Bear me up into the skies,

Where the winged falcon flies.

Let me skate across the dawn

As nighttime’s covering is drawn.

I want to dive into the blue

As midday chases off the dew,

And when my swim at last as done,

Bathe in the reds of sinking Sun.

I’ll dry off with the cloth of night

And rest beneath the twinkling light.

Easing back onto the ground,

I marvel at the peace I’ve found.

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