Songwriting Experiment: Change Your Life

Chasing being wanted,

Pain never confronted,

Wish that I could go back

And tell me to stop.

If I had a minute

To reach everyone in it,

I’d tell them all to “Slow down

Before you drop!”

It’s the pain of living,

The only chance we’re given

You wish you could just fix it all.

But every step you trip on

Is a chance to stop and grow.

Yes, the moments they are long gone,

But we have the seeds they sow.

So decide

Now to try

And change your mind

Change your life

If you dare

To stop and stare

Down your strife

You’ll change your life.

So change your life.

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Knowing all I used to be,

How could I possibly love me?

Thorny branches grip my heart

And pierce me when I try to start

To give love to the parts of me

I hope no one will ever see.

Yet only if I face the pain

Will its hard grip begin to wane.

I will break free from their sharp hold

And heal my scarring from of old.

We all have our thorny cell,

That keeps us trapped inside our hell.

But all of us possess the key

That breaks our bonds and sets us free.

The key is that we self-forgive.

For in this life that we all live,

There’s no one who won’t make mistakes,

And we’ll keep on long as it takes

To learn our lessons and to grow.

That’s the reason, don’t you know,

For every failure and misdeed

To teach each person what they need.

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