The Heart Before Me

If I miss the heart before me

I will stumble in the dark.

The Light within each other

Helps us better hit the mark.

For all our points and purposes,

What ends we may pursue,

No argument or creeds

Can bring us close or see us through.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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Dip Into Silence

I dip into Silence, deep as a well

With ample and nourishing Wisdom to tell.

Beauty untold found in Treasure unseen.

Spirit and Body with Self in-between.

We are the place where Earth meets the Sky,

Where the Heavens and all of our doings collide.

In Stillness and Being, we find our way to

The pathways of Love as we make our way through.

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For a Time

Lose yourself in something

Each and every day.

If there is passion hiding,

Free it right away.

Life is but a passing wave

We float on for a time.

So do not for tomorrow save

What now would be sublime.

Hide not your love, your joy, your art;

Do not conceal your gifts or heart.

We are here but for a breath.

Live out loud ere you depart.

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When You Feel…

When you feel you’ve nothing left,

Feeling pillaged and bereft;

When to your soul, you’re weighted down,

Hammered deep beneath the ground;

When your eyes can see no light,

And every limb has lost its fight;

When all your joints and bones object,

Your muscles every move reject;

When life no longer seems so sweet,

And every effort brings defeat,

Remember, try and try to see

That Love can fuel you endlessly.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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