Boldly Be

Boldly be

What you would see

If this old world

Worked righteously.

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World’s Melody

The beats of each heart

Provide us the bass,

The rhythm beneath

The song of this place.

Our footsteps, our claps,

Our chatter, our noise,

The treble, perhaps,

That our music employs.

Some broken, some healing,

Some numb, or some well

All add to the feeling;

The stories we tell

With the way that we live,

How we choose to be,

Are the parts that we give

To the world’s melody.

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A Prayer for Me

Looking back, I’ll hope I lived

With all the Love I had to give.

I hope to never waste a breath

Promoting that which hastens Death.

May my lips bear forth a spring

That blesses every living thing.

May my hands work loving deeds

And meet a hurting person’s needs.

May my feet traverse the Way

That leads me closer every day

To hearing, seeing, knowing well

The many souls in which You dwell.

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Be careful not to trade away

Your time for “being” every day.

The price is high, the cost is dear,

To not be present while you’re here.

Riches will avail you not

When former days by you are sought,

For at Life’s end, you’ll never say,

“Damn! I lived my life away!”

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What does all this mean to me?

I cannot answer easily.

Sometimes I live by second-hopping,

Or in chunks of days, not stopping.

Regardless of my presence state,

The fact I’m here I can’t debate.

So what remains is to decide

The way in which I will abide.

“What” falls short in my own head.

“How” is what I’d ask instead.

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