I Hope…

That my path may hold true,

That my eyes may see through,

That my hands may make do,

That my heart be made new.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

Heart Ablaze

What will come, I cannot know;

But every day, I pray I show

A Love that knows no bounds at all

And hands that won’t let others fall.

I pray for words that meet the needs

And faith shown clearly by my deeds.

Ever humble, let me learn

As passion for all virtue burns;

Mind kept open, heart ablaze,

Be made known in all my ways.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!


Find what you can give,

Your own reason to live.

Find why you daily rise

And keep it e’er before your eyes.

With purpose, seize the day,

Whether it be for work or play.

Leave something behind

That others after you can find.

When your life on this earth wanes

Let your love be what remains.