Wooden Toys

Simple joys

Like wooden toys

Are sometimes hard to see.

But once they’re found,

They can astound

And strengthen us delightfully.

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No Bliss

If there is no bliss,

If joy is not found,

One’s life is amiss

As misery abounds.

To create and to give,

To love and to share,

To laugh and to live,

To hope and to dare,

All require a breath,

A restorative way.

Quit working to death.

Enjoy your brief stay.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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Hurricane: My Latest Piece


Easy as a driving rain;
Gentle as a hurricane;
Soothing as a siren call;
Structured as a free-for-all.
Love is not for taking lightly;
Challenges us daily, nightly;
Yet all of the above is true;
It’s easy, gentle, soothing, too.

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