Don’t Let Your Love

Don’t let your love become your grind.

It takes one season to remind

Us that our joy should be a part

Of all we do. Our human heart

Is made for more than work and stress.

Add love and passion to the mess.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

Hurricane: My Latest Piece


Easy as a driving rain;
Gentle as a hurricane;
Soothing as a siren call;
Structured as a free-for-all.
Love is not for taking lightly;
Challenges us daily, nightly;
Yet all of the above is true;
It’s easy, gentle, soothing, too.

Thanks for reading! Be Blessed!

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“X,” but “Y”

Work hard, but enjoy.

Rejoice, but be sure to weep.

A full life makes space.

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Gaze Anew

All the gains our world can give

Cannot replace our time to live.

So limited in days are we

That from our blindness we must flee.

We must make time for joy, to be,

With no thought of utility.

A dollar lost, a dollar gained

Cannot suffice when time has waned.

With open eyes, let’s truly see

The depths of our mortality;

Then turn our eyes to gaze anew

Upon the life we thought we knew.

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