One’s guard must stay raised

Not against others in war,

But against one’s pride.

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Never lines up with our plans,

Never yields to our demands,

Yet always seems to make us stronger

So we can give our all for longer;

Won’t allow us to control

Those things which lie beyond our soul,

For such a task is quite sufficient

Since in it we’re not oft proficient;

Reminds us we are not the goal,

Rather, part of a greater whole;

Humbles us when we pretend

That our own profit is the end

Of all that should be said and done;

Informs us that we all are one.


Some confuse humility

With guilt-ridden eternity.

I, for one, cannot let go

Of all the wrongs that helped me grow.

Though a better man today,

I fear what everyone would say.

If they knew my sordid past,

Would they leave my side so fast?

I know that if it were another,

A regretful, fretful sis or brother,

I’d tell them to be more at ease,

To drop the burden, if you please.

For everybody’s past is stocked

With things for which we could be mocked,

Or judged, or scorned, or cast aside,

Yet from our own, we cannot hide.

But knowing this is true for all,

That we’ve all had our times to fall,

Should cause some kind of clarity,

Or even solidarity.

If these would be my words to you,

Why can’t I know them to be true?

I can, I must, for my own sake,

For shame is just too hard to take.

So step by step, I will be free

To be the best version of me.