We Are Creativity

We are creativity;

It’s part of our humanity.

To fix, to make, to share, to learn,

To try, to write, to watch, to yearn.

We must create,


Imagine, act, and complicate.

So sing or dance or write or play,

On moonlit night or sunny day.

Find the bliss of being you,

And live it out in all you do.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

Hope to Live

See God in your enemy,

And plan your move accordingly.

For That which gives you life and light

Gives the same to those you fight.

No person is without this mark,

So honor that inherent spark,

And act with love you would receive,

And give no persons cause to grieve.

What you would have, so you must give,

If we would dare to hope to live.

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How can we give lesser worth

To those Queens who gave us birth?

How can we dare to pay them less,

Yet load them up with extra stress?

How can we their bodies chide,

Expecting to be let inside?

How can we their beauty doubt

And shush their voices with our clout?

When at last will we all see

That there’s but one humanity?

Man or woman, trans or cis

We can do better than this.