Passed Through

Hope is hard too see right now.

We want to find it; don’t know how.

Everywhere I look, I see

The turmoil churning painfully.

Yet if I look within, I know

What now is was so long ago.

Nothing that we see is new,

Including what we’re going through.

If they’ve been and are again,

The good news here today, my friend

Is that which is and troubles you

Will soon be something you’ve passed through.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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I’m Reminded

I’m reminded of Eternal’s power

In the deepest, darkest hour.

Broken in the midst of sin,

Mercy shines Her light within,

Reminding me that all do break

And make a million mistakes.

If we would but remember this,

We’d be closer to the bliss

That comes when all are fully seen

And loved, no matter who we’ve been.

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A Prayer for Me

Looking back, I’ll hope I lived

With all the Love I had to give.

I hope to never waste a breath

Promoting that which hastens Death.

May my lips bear forth a spring

That blesses every living thing.

May my hands work loving deeds

And meet a hurting person’s needs.

May my feet traverse the Way

That leads me closer every day

To hearing, seeing, knowing well

The many souls in which You dwell.

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