Lying on the floor

Wishing I was more.

A new version of me

That I cannot even see.

But I guess that’s how

Things tend to happen now.



Reaching out and hoping for

A shade, a ghost and nothing more.

Time to realize

The doubts are bloody lies

Who I am is more than fine

My life has value ’cause it’s mine.

The Moment

For every valley, deep and dark,

A flame of glee begins to spark.

When we cry out from mountain tops,

A time will come when feasting stops.

Do not ask “why” of suffering;

Don’t to despair or brightness cling.

Shadows fall and light will rise.

It’s all laid out before your eyes.

Life is not life without its seasons,

And darkness has no deeper reasons

Than to balance out the light.

So keep the longer view in sight.

What now is will soon be past.

Embrace the moment while it lasts.

A Prayer

May your life be filled with light

And darkness when the time is right.

In brightness, let your actions shine,

Then rest within the dark divine.

I pray you have a balanced day,

That grace be with you on your way.

May your thoughts and words and acts be kind

Even when you’re in a bind.

May you be filled with gratitude,

And may that decide your attitude.

I hope the best for you, you see,

And hope you’ll pray these things for me.


There never was a time

When everything was fine.

We can never make it back

To find a thing we’ve always lacked.

We’ve never been at peace or kind.

Review our history, you’ll find

That who we are is who we’ve been

So why try to go back again?

Perhaps instead of yearning for

A chance to live the past once more,

We ought to turn our eyes ahead

For better things to come instead.

We ought to work on being kind

Until a better world we find.

We can’t be great a second time

With a past of war and hate and crime.

Our hist’ry’s far from full of light,

But future things might still be bright

If we would leave this path of hate

And learn to just communicate

With grace and kindness, mercy, too.

A better world begins with you.