A Void

The Sadness is a void within.

It numbs the heart, it mars the skin;

It breaks the spirit, it pains the soul;

It keeps its victims from the Whole.

Yet the Sadness is a lie,

It can be beaten if we try.

But not alone, for that is how

The Sadness beats upon our brow.

Make the call or say the word.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard.

‘Cause help is not for weak or small,

Community’s a need for all.

If you are struggling with depression, self-harm, or thoughts of suicide, it’s okay. Please call 1-800-273-8255 now.

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Why are you so mad?

What in life’s this bad?

Can you not escape your past?

Do no good feelings last?

I know what it’s like

To feel the heated spike

Of rage piercing your gut,

Your mind trapped in a rut.

But I also know it’s true

That love and kindness can undo

Every wicked thing or thought.

The question is whether or not

You can admit when you are wrong.

For this you must be strong,

But harder it is still

To find the courage and the will

To face your demons down

Knowing they’ll always be around.

But if you can decide

To fight rather than hide

Your raging can subside

And in love you can abide.


Some confuse humility

With guilt-ridden eternity.

I, for one, cannot let go

Of all the wrongs that helped me grow.

Though a better man today,

I fear what everyone would say.

If they knew my sordid past,

Would they leave my side so fast?

I know that if it were another,

A regretful, fretful sis or brother,

I’d tell them to be more at ease,

To drop the burden, if you please.

For everybody’s past is stocked

With things for which we could be mocked,

Or judged, or scorned, or cast aside,

Yet from our own, we cannot hide.

But knowing this is true for all,

That we’ve all had our times to fall,

Should cause some kind of clarity,

Or even solidarity.

If these would be my words to you,

Why can’t I know them to be true?

I can, I must, for my own sake,

For shame is just too hard to take.

So step by step, I will be free

To be the best version of me.

Today’s Poem: Borrowed Angels

It’s often hard to say good-bye

We kick and cry and wonder why

But better to just give our thanks

For borrowed angels in our ranks

Souls that to us God has lent

Who with us on our journeys went

Until the time came to depart

Leaving a hole within our heart

And while we truly need to grieve

We must give thanks for love received

And finish what we’re here to do

For we are borrowed angels, too.