“X,” but “Y”

Work hard, but enjoy.

Rejoice, but be sure to weep.

A full life makes space.

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The trick is to recall

That what harms one affects us all.

In joy, we will gather;

Yet when life breaks down we scatter.

For reasons yet unknown,

We feel we must suffer alone.

Pain, though, truly binds us;

Whoever we are, it finds us.

I write to remind us

To not let our own grief blind us.

Sometimes Life will grind us…

That’s why God has intertwined us.

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When there’s someone that you miss,

Just try to remember this:

The aching comes from love

For the one you’re thinking of.

The pain is born of former joy

No grief or sadness can destroy.

Every bit of darkest night

Is born from brightest, warmest light.

And just as stumbling helps us learn,

So from this darkness you’ll return.

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Today’s Poem: Borrowed Angels

It’s often hard to say good-bye

We kick and cry and wonder why

But better to just give our thanks

For borrowed angels in our ranks

Souls that to us God has lent

Who with us on our journeys went

Until the time came to depart

Leaving a hole within our heart

And while we truly need to grieve

We must give thanks for love received

And finish what we’re here to do

For we are borrowed angels, too.