I’m Okay

I can’t convey

The subtle way

The Spirit guides me every day.

Through child’s play

Or quiet rays

Of sunshine dripping down in May,

Whether gray

Or bright and gay,

That gentle voice is here to stay




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Keep the Mystery

When it comes to Divine,

Sometimes words are fine.

Yet I’m here to report

They all simply fall short.

Rest in Unknowing.

Keep the Mystery going.

It’s our ignorance showing;

Our own horn we are blowing

When we claim to see

All that could possibly

Make up Eternity.

So it’s best we just Be.

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The Rest

I face the rising sun,

And pray, “Thy will be done.”

‘Tis not for sloth or lack of care

That has me ending my prayer there.

Rather, I trust You are good.

All my life I’ve understood

That if You’re goodness proves as true,

Then I can leave all things to You,

Surrendering my need to grasp,

Or to my sense of power clasp.

With my eyes down, I’ll do my best,

And leave in Your good hands the rest.

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Lasting Good

What we feel will change in time,

Yet this takes place of the Sublime.

Each consolation passing by,

We follow, seeking our next high.

‘Tis no wonder, then, that we

Can hardly grasp fidelity.

Whether God or Love or Passion,

All in some degree or fashion,

Matter based on what we feel.

When we’re not high, it isn’t real.

Perhaps what we must do instead

is face the truth we’ve come to dread.

No hit is lasting; highs are cheap;

No lasting treasure will we reap

Should we keep up our fevered pace

All passing pleasure to replace.

God is not when thing go “right,”

Or when we fall for tune and light.

Love is not emotion sweet,

Abandoned when our stores deplete.

Passion is not mere elation,

A fleeting, short infatuation.

Unless these things survive our mood,

I fear we’ll have no lasting good.

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