Did I do this right?

Did I bear the Light?

I want to shake the feeling

That all I did was fight.

When the words grew sharpened tips

And flew like arrows in the Night,

Did I bear the shield of Love

Or let my own words take their flight?

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The Fight Goes On

Win or lose

The fight goes on.

Don’t be confused.

The fight goes on.

Since time began,

The fight goes on.

Now take your stand.

The fight goes on.

With battles won,

The fight goes on.

When we’re undone,

The fight goes on.

If you stumble,

The fight goes on.

Don’t you crumble.

The fight goes on.

Never fret.

The fight goes on.

Never forget,

The fight goes on.

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Hope is Power

Hope is power

In such an hour

When all our Love seems to be soured.

For Justice, fight

‘Til all is right,

Yet never let Hope out of sight.

Take hold of Joy;

Delight, employ,

That Hope may thrive, not be destroyed.

The road is long,

The rival strong,

Yet this is right where we belong:

Side by side,

By fire tried,

With Love as our constant guide.

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