She Hopes

She hopes to be a person soon.

We’ve walked the sea, the dawn, the moon;

We’ve skimmed the skies and mounted peaks;

We’ve searched the ground and underneath.

Yet for every step we take,

We make a pile of same mistakes.

She hopes to be a person soon,

With full control of her own womb,

With pay to match and time to spare.

If only all of us would care.

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How can we give lesser worth

To those Queens who gave us birth?

How can we dare to pay them less,

Yet load them up with extra stress?

How can we their bodies chide,

Expecting to be let inside?

How can we their beauty doubt

And shush their voices with our clout?

When at last will we all see

That there’s but one humanity?

Man or woman, trans or cis

We can do better than this.


The air, that tree

All of life, to me,

Is something to treat carefully.

We cannot let

Ourselves forget

That we might make a difference yet.

Recycle goods,

Clean up the woods,

And be more giving with our foods

Do not despise

Those suffering eyes

That plead for peace, that lofty prize.

Whatever’s next,

Do not let sex

Determine who gets bigger checks.

When love is done,

The battle’s won,

For one can’t change hearts with a gun.

Value all

Or we will fall.

Hear and heed creation’s call!

Feminism: All or None

I have decided to introduce some feminism into my work. I tend to imply it, but someone I deeply care for reminded me how important it is to name such things. Be sure to check out Victoria’s stuff at her blog, “Little Pictures Big Thoughts!” Peace. ❤


Until both sexes

In every expression

Are free, no one is.