New Video: “Give it to God?”

Greetings, all!

My latest message is up, regarding what it means to surrender, “give things to God,” and how we can actually go about processing our worry and anxiety.

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Thanks and Be Blessed!

I Don’t Care

I don’t care for empty tombs

From places long forgotten;

Divided seas or altar pleas

Or wars I never fought in.

No, the Truth is nearer, nearer,

Something I can feel.

Every day I find it clearer,

Something lived and real.

I am the empty tomb,

Freed from death’s embrace.

My path, the sea, the plea, the war

That ends in Sacred Space.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

Path Be Dark

Though path be dark and home be far,

Practice “grateful” where you are.

The road may not be clear ahead,

So simply follow where you’re lead

By the Quiet Voice within

That sings beneath the worldly din.

Though path be dark and home be far,

Hold fast to your Inner Star.

Follow Her to where She sets.

The journey isn’t over yet.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!