As I eye the path ahead,

Not sure of where I’m being lead,

I recall it matters not,

And keep on walking, lost in thought.

The path will go where it will go,

And it is not for me to know.

This is the magic of the trail.

When all controlling efforts fail,

One is left to simply “do.”

Of life and hiking, this is true.

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We cling so hard to our own plans,

And when they fail we fist our hands

Wondering why life is so

Unfair and out of our control.

All this is a lack of trust

That things will play out as they must.

We get so blinded by our will,

We miss so many chances. Still,

There’s hope for those with ears to hear

The message coming loud and clear.

If we release our need to steer,

Fantastic things could happen here.

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Never lines up with our plans,

Never yields to our demands,

Yet always seems to make us stronger

So we can give our all for longer;

Won’t allow us to control

Those things which lie beyond our soul,

For such a task is quite sufficient

Since in it we’re not oft proficient;

Reminds us we are not the goal,

Rather, part of a greater whole;

Humbles us when we pretend

That our own profit is the end

Of all that should be said and done;

Informs us that we all are one.