It is Time

It is time

To re-align

To heed the signs

And grow a spine;

Let us be kind

And bear in mind

The ones we find

In tightest bind;

Let’s not be blind,

Or self-confined.

Keep this enshrined:

“We’re all entwined.”

A Hero Every Day

You needn’t be a fighter strong

Or a list of exploits miles long

To be a hero every day

For those you meet along the way.

You may not get a badge or star,

No plaque or bust for who you are,

But you can matter very much

In all the lives you get to touch.

Stop and help to change some tires,

Be present when the worst transpires.

Donate food or cash or hours

To those who need love’s healing powers.

Adopt a child or a pet,

Spend time with those we all forget.

There may not be a big parade

About the difference you have made,

But if you love all whom you see,

A hero is what you will be.

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