Dare to Care

Listen in close,

If you dare, if you dare,

To the words of your foes.

Can you care? Can you care?

For until our ears open,

And our hearts follow suit,

The world will stay broken

By our need to refute.

So listen in close.

Won’t you dare? Won’t you dare?

Make friends of your foes.

Try to care.

Try to care.

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Wretched Idealist

Call me a fool,

A wretched idealist;

A liberal tool,

An utter unrealist.

Your labels fall short;

Your arrows won’t pierce.

Why must we distort

Compassion so fierce?

When did we cease

Believing we could

Be a power for Peace,

Doing all that we should?

When did progress become

Our enemy’s name,

Abandoning some

Just to keep things the same?

I pray we will turn

And pursue a new road.

I pray we will learn,

That our wounds may be sewed.

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