Morals #2

The reason we decree

Standard morality

Is that we need to be

Free from scrutiny.

If like our enemy,

We do “what’s right to me,”

We could not but agree

That all act selfishly.


The air, that tree

All of life, to me,

Is something to treat carefully.

We cannot let

Ourselves forget

That we might make a difference yet.

Recycle goods,

Clean up the woods,

And be more giving with our foods

Do not despise

Those suffering eyes

That plead for peace, that lofty prize.

Whatever’s next,

Do not let sex

Determine who gets bigger checks.

When love is done,

The battle’s won,

For one can’t change hearts with a gun.

Value all

Or we will fall.

Hear and heed creation’s call!


Let love, not fear, direct your way,

And you will feel the change today.

Seek to know, and not react,

Without regret after the fact.

If all would try to understand

And stop our mouths up with our hands,

Perhaps our ears could then receive

The truth that we could not perceive.

For every word, there is a reason,

So in this rather hostile season,

Seek out what’s in your neighbor’s heart,

For that’s the kindest place to start.