Message: Good and Evil

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Heaven & Hell

A person needn’t die to see

Heaven’s Light or Hell’s debris.

In every word, with every deed,

We choose the kind of Life we’ll lead.

Hell’s fires light with words of spite

That keep us trapped in endless fight.

Yet if we can forgive and love,

What Life is that but Heav’n’s above?

You see, we choose our fates right now.

Sit back, observe, and you’ll see how.

It’s best that we remember this:

Eternity is in our midst.

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A Stand

Neutrality’s the enemy

Of Progress and Equality.

We cannot stand and idle be

While others struggle to be free.

It isn’t that we hate the State

In which we all cohabitate,

But we must all collaborate

To make our Nation truly great.

So long as some are left behind

And others choose to wander blind,

Justice will be hard to find

And Peace will stay a state of mind.

We must shift from punishment

And remake the establishment;

Correct the Systems’ racial bent

And strive for social betterment.

So do not speak of Unity

While some act with impunity,

But sacrifice Security,

Help others know Serenity.

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