Our Lot

A life of service is never wasted;

A potent truth if we embraced it.

As long as we will harm for gain,

This world of violence will remain.

It’s not a fact of war alone,

Or actions rending flesh and bone,

But it’s our ev’ry word and thought

We must amend to change our lot.

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New Course

It’s possible to change,

Re-think and re-arrange.

Many say that it is not,

But I think they’re a rotten lot,

Scared to finally admit

That no excuses can permit

Our bland refusal to make new

Our Souls, our Selves; So just a few

Brave persons risk the glance within,

Acknowledging whatever sin

Has led them to this place of thought,

And all the baggage they have brought.

One by one, the steps increase,

Few by few, their errors cease.

Repentance is a spiraled track,

With some steps forward, others back.

As long as one is on the move,

I think that Christ indeed approves.

So do not listen when they say,

“You’ll never outrun yesterday.”

Leave others to their judgments cold,

And strike a new course, scared but bold.

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We cling so hard to our own plans,

And when they fail we fist our hands

Wondering why life is so

Unfair and out of our control.

All this is a lack of trust

That things will play out as they must.

We get so blinded by our will,

We miss so many chances. Still,

There’s hope for those with ears to hear

The message coming loud and clear.

If we release our need to steer,

Fantastic things could happen here.

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