Dreaming of Peace

Peace comes not from threat of force,

From fear or wealth, some fragile source.

Peace is found in people whole

And fed and free; when every soul

Has food to eat, a place to sleep,

When we collectively can weep

For all injustice, every loss,

Beyond all superficial gloss.

When we build each other up

And share of every meal and cup,

When we drop arms of every kind,

Maybe then some Peace we’ll find.

Yes, educated, healed, and loved,

We’ll find the Peace we’re dreaming of.

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My Son’s Circles

My son walks in circles

Whenever he is free;

Yet such a silly thing

Is quite powerful to me.

The world is open for us,

Information to be found,

Yet most of us walk circles

With our eyes upon the ground.

But unlike my brave boy,

We keep our circles small.

As long as this is so,

Nothing will improve at all.

There are many folk whose circles

Were broadened very young.

Latin, Black, and Native voices

Had to learn the white man’s tongue.

Yet when the white is asked

To recognize that this is so,

They keep their eyes upon the ground;

Their circle will not grow.

I beg you now, dear Friend,

Fight to make your circle wide.

It won’t always be pretty,

But only then can all abide.

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Chosen Facts

We only see what we will see.

“Why care for them when it’s not me?”

Blinded by the life we’ve known,

We won’t accept what’s being shown.

“If what I love us hurting you,

What am I supposed to do?

I’ve never felt the pangs you say

Afflict you each and every day.”

So long as this is how we think,

Our social quality will sink.

Step outside your chosen facts

To listen, empathize, and act.

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We accept too easily

The framework offered currently.

We ask our questions, take our shots

Within the pre-accepted plots,

And this is why not much has changed.

We’ve only somewhat rearranged

The same old content to and fro

Within the story we all know.

But what if we could change the tale,

And take the fight beyond the pale?

Why accept the way things are

When that way’s not worked out so far?

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A Stand

Neutrality’s the enemy

Of Progress and Equality.

We cannot stand and idle be

While others struggle to be free.

It isn’t that we hate the State

In which we all cohabitate,

But we must all collaborate

To make our Nation truly great.

So long as some are left behind

And others choose to wander blind,

Justice will be hard to find

And Peace will stay a state of mind.

We must shift from punishment

And remake the establishment;

Correct the Systems’ racial bent

And strive for social betterment.

So do not speak of Unity

While some act with impunity,

But sacrifice Security,

Help others know Serenity.

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