Loving Stuff

Love should be our contemplation.

That alone will heal our nation.

For all we think and feel decides

Our actions in the world outside.

What can I do? How can I show

More Love to all I come to know?

So simple, yes, but oh, so tough,

This changing, feeling, loving stuff.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

Not Back

Truth does matter.

Let illusions shatter,

For as painful as that step may be,

‘Tis worth the clash and clatter.

Comfort comes at cost.

For the Truth is often lost

When we choose to keep our blinders on,

By waves of ignorance tossed.

Struggle with the facts.

Allow your thoughts and acts

To be affected all that you learn,

Move forward and not back.

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The Fight Goes On

Win or lose

The fight goes on.

Don’t be confused.

The fight goes on.

Since time began,

The fight goes on.

Now take your stand.

The fight goes on.

With battles won,

The fight goes on.

When we’re undone,

The fight goes on.

If you stumble,

The fight goes on.

Don’t you crumble.

The fight goes on.

Never fret.

The fight goes on.

Never forget,

The fight goes on.

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