Time to Act

Hello, lovely Reader!

I appreciate how many of you read and respond to my work, so first off, THANK YOU!

As a Quaker, matters of justice and equality mean a lot to me, so I am asking you, dear reader, to follow this link and sign the petition in favor of the People’s Response Act.

This bill is a way to reimagine public safety, focus on restorative and equitable justice, and heal causes as opposed to punishing symptoms.

If you feel led, please sign the petition on the website and contact your representatives in support of the People’s Response Act!

It’s time to act,

No time to waste.

Don’t make Justice wait,

Make haste!

Thanks and Be Blessed!

“Am I Wrong?”

“Am I wrong?”

The elusive thought

That could bring world peace.

With tensions high,

To speak or not,

To wrangle or release

Could very well,

Discerned aright,

Heal each single wound.

We should learn

From this insight

Before we’re truly doomed.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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Different Me

Each day receives a different me.

I think and act adaptively.

On days the sun revives my soul,

An inner fire uncontrolled,

I rarely sit or settle down,

Creating, fixing, running ’round.

Yet other days are clouded, still.

I rest and keep a lighter pace.

I seek a still and quiet space.

Other days are in-between,

With ebb and flow from scene to scene.

I listen to my spirit’s need

And act in line with what’s decreed.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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From Where Comes Strength?

From where comes strength?

From harsh words and beatings?

No, I say.

That awful way

Is naught but self-defeating.

It’s from within.

It grows with facing,

Facing me,


Til it’s betterment I’m chasing.

We’re strong when we are scared,

But loving anyway.

Hurt, we heal.

Numb, we feel.

We want to flee… but stay.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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Some Days, It Wears

Some days, it wears

the soul to bits;

The strife and fears

That never quit.

To see the wars

Beyond our doors

Tempts us sore

To hide, ignore.

If we must rest,

Let it be so.

But it is best

We not let go.

For all the dark

We have to see,

We are the spark

Of what may be.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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What I Decide

Am I the monster some might see

If granted glimpses into me?

They might say I’m “of a kind,”

Pass me by, and pay no mind;

Or given cause to raise a shout,

Make sure I know what I’m about,

Yet “they” are naught but static sound,

Critics who were not around

To see the changes I have made,

The ways I’ve grown, the price I’ve paid.

So let them their misleadings spout;

As for me, I hold no doubt

That, as far as I foresee,

I’ll be what I decide to be.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!