The Gift

As I walk the path that winds,

I focus on leaving behind:

The fear of failure choking me,

The shame that keeps me far from free,

Those that left me when I fell,

And those who never loved me well.

I leave behind each sin of mine

That claims my mind when I feel fine,

And every need that it be known

That I’m not bad and that I’ve grown.

I leave behind each judging face

That wasn’t there in the first place.

At every turn and every twist,

I drop a shackle from my wrist.

As labyrinth goes on and on,

More weights that hold me back are gone.

Now to the middle, I’ve arrived.

The first of three, I have survived.

I pause a step before I enter,

Not knowing what waits in the center.

In silence now, I stand inside

My heart and soul are open wide.

A seed of holiness is sown,

And I know that I’m not alone.

A voice within, the Silence speaks,

The sacred Presence my soul seeks.

“Take up what things will build your soul,

Leave here your need to keep control.

Live on as what you have become,

Let not your past be bothersome.

This is a gift to you from me:

Turn ’round and walk out differently.”

So this I do in joyous haste,

I must be going, no time to waste.

One cannot wait to move ahead

Because their past is full of dread.

The present now is all that’s here,

The future ever drawing near.

I pick up hope, I pick up peace

I pick up joy, a sweet release.

I nab redemption, pocket strength,

Drop fear (again!) after a length.

I’m at the end, but something’s wrong.

I’m missing something really strong.

Ah, yes, of course! I make some space,

Slapping myself on the face.

The greatest gift from up above,

and from within, I pick up love.

Love for myself and for my kin,

Love for my wife, my child’s grin.

For my enemies, and for the stranger,

That will sustain me in every danger.

Love that clears my eyes to see,

Love that lives life completely.


Idealism’s derided

By those who have decided

That what we see

Is what can be.

No need to get excited.

I think it’s partly true

That cycles continue,

But does that prove

We shouldn’t move

To do all we can do?

I know sometimes we’ll fail,

And others, we’ll prevail.

But it’s worth a try

To aim up high

And risk all the travail.

Why Do I Write?

Why do I write?

Well, I guess it’s something like

If I die in bed tonight,

There’ll be something left of mine.

Then my baby boy will know

That I really love him so,

And I made it my one goal

To make this world into his home.

I want his future to be bright,

And even in the darkest night,

I hope these simple words I type

Can be for him a source of light.

And for every one of you,

No matter what you’re going through,

It’s the least that I can do

To offer words of love and truth.

Now why did I write

This little poem here tonight?

I guess I gave a reason why,

But I have something else in mind.

When you turn and walk away,

And you have to face the day,

Make what you do and what you say

A legacy to celebrate.

Today’s Poem: Change

“People never change”

Is a teaching that’s so strange.

This phrase so often thrown at me

Avoids responsibility.

For if the worst of us can alter,

What reason have we to falter?

It’s nice to think that we’re all stuck,

The way we are, subject to luck.

It keeps us safe from harder tasks

Like taking off our social masks

Exposing all we bear within,

‘Cause God forbid we heal our sin.

So when another fool has stumbled,

We point, accuse, ensure they’re humbled.

For if all eyes are trained away,

Our weaknesses are free to stay.

So don’t write off “the other guy,”

Give empathy a chance, and try

To keep in mind you’re bound to fall.

So what you want, extend to all.

If it’s grace you would demand,

Instead of judgment, lend a hand.

Peace be with you!