Upcoming Book!

Hallo, all! I am super excited to reveal the cover for my upcoming collaboration with Ekram Haque!

Our work is a joint devotional with entries from an Islamic perspective and a Christian perspective, finding unity in our diversity as members of two very different faith traditions.

Another draft or so, then it will be released as an E-Book!

What a beauty!

Thanks and Be Blessed!

Gifts for Any Occasion!

Just a reminder to give your loved ones the gift of poetry this holiday season, or for any occasion!

A copy of Sacred Days

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Pictured above, you can see a sample of my custom poetry work. I offer framed options and options like this one, which you can frame yourself!

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New Book Published!

Just wanted to announce that my dear friend, Ekram Haque, has published his book on hope/optimism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam! Not only did he consult and quote me for the Jesus chapter, but he was gracious enough to invite me to write the foreword. I encourage everyone to check this text out, as hope is something we desperately need in this world of ours. It is also an excellent work for drawing parallels between the different branches of one of the world’s largest faith families. At the very least, you will encounter perspectives that are different and though-provoking, so what do you have to lose?

You can find the book here on Amazon!