Balance Act

We are light and dark.

We are sin and salvation.

Life’s a balance act.

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The Moment

For every valley, deep and dark,

A flame of glee begins to spark.

When we cry out from mountain tops,

A time will come when feasting stops.

Do not ask “why” of suffering;

Don’t to despair or brightness cling.

Shadows fall and light will rise.

It’s all laid out before your eyes.

Life is not life without its seasons,

And darkness has no deeper reasons

Than to balance out the light.

So keep the longer view in sight.

What now is will soon be past.

Embrace the moment while it lasts.


All is what it has to be,

Even in the darkest night.

Whatever befalls you and me,

We’re gonna be alright.

Things will rock and things will change,

Of course it all will hurt.

It’s but one end of the range

Of what happens on this earth.

Every thing we know and feel,

Death and joy and peace and strife,

Are what make existence real

All just part of living life.