Pass Away

Sometimes comes “that” day

When nothing goes your way.

Frustration’s here to stay,

And your doubts come out to play.

Allow me just to say

This all will pass away.

While the present seems so gray,

There won’t always be dismay.

No go without delay

Into the future, come what may.

Hellish Mornings

Some days, it all just hits the fan.

Doesn’t matter what you plan.

The whole thing seems to go awry,

And leaves you with a need to cry.

But that’s okay, it’s not so strange.

Life often makes us rearrange

The plans we lay so cautiously.

Sometimes it’s done obnoxiously,

But if we somehow find a way

To flow with a disruptive day,

We may look back with grace and see

That all was as it had to be.