Renewing You

Creation helps to stem the tide

When Life is too much to abide.

When the Spirit needs a breath,

Create! Shine Light from inner depth.

Write or paint or speak or draw

Or sculpt or play or sing or saw;

Cook or craft, make something new!

In doing so, renewing you.

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No Future?

Why bother with an art?

It’s messy from the start!

It won’t ever make you money,

Unless it’s popular or funny.

Why get involved with stone or paint?

Why your reputation taint?

Do something practical, not fight

To get the words or shading right.

Music’s nice to listen to,

But there’s no future there for you.


Can you help me decorate?

I’ve seen your stuff; it’s really great!

How do I speak these words of love?

Yes, that’s what I was thinking of!

How shall we now be entertained?

Singer, actors! Glad they’re trained!

See that mural?! Wow, so cool!

Glad she’s not in business school.

Art is called expendable,

Yet it is indispensible.

As firefighters stop a blaze,

So art inspires in many ways.