See, Know, Find

At the end of all my searching,

Through endless Mystery lurching,

I see that I am blind.

I know my simple mind.

At the end of all, I find

The many things I can’t unwind.

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No Guarantees

There never was a guarantee

That life would go on easily.

God does not exist for you,

To make all of your dreams come true.

Stop useless screaming at the sky

As if it owes you a reply.

We are all upon this earth,

Fighting to find our sacred worth.

We all will know of tears and pain,

Just as we’ll know of joy and gain.

You are not owed a lighter path,

So save your shallow, selfish wrath.

Accept the tide of life that flows,

Embrace your path where’er it goes.

Love is Love

How can love be wrong or bad?

I find even the notion sad.

The parental brutality

In damning sexuality

Is altogether sick to me.

That’s not how you treat family.

Love does no wrong to other people

Love is not owned by state or steeple

If no harm is being done,

And if a person’s found “the one,”

Do we have to go erupt

Just ’cause their parts don’t quite “match up?”

Do you think that sex should be

Seen as it was First Century,

Even though it’s likely true

You think this way ’cause it ain’t you?

Until all love is celebrated,

The healing much anticipated

Will keep on stalling at the door

‘Til we’re not judging anymore.

Today’s Poem: Peace

They always say to wait

“One day your peace will come”

It makes us hesitate

To change what’s bothersome

About our days

About our life

About our ways

And so the strife

Keeps pouring in

And piles high

As we begin

To beg the sky

“Come and fix me

I’m right here!

Help me to live

Beyond my fear

Why won’t you show?

This isn’t fair!”

Our spirits low,

Peace isn’t there.

The good news is they’re wrong

It’s not a waiting game

If we cast our glances long

We’ll end up just the same

But if we look inside

We’ll see peace isn’t far

It’s ours if we’ll abide,

Accepting who and where we are.

Peace be with you!