Words won’t come.

In need of some

Peace of mind.

Need to unwind.

One has to rest

To be their best.

Or day by day,

Wither away.

There is Peace

Peace is not in cash or guns

Or treading down the desperate ones.

It’s not in halls of sacred stone

Or in the flag that’s being flown.

Peace is when all needs are met;

When there is not one homeless vet;

When color can’t your fate decide;

When every refugee’s inside;

When every belly’s full and fed;

When all have roofs over their head;

When Power isn’t sought or bought;

When Hatred’s schemes are brought to naught;

When we our Greed and Fear release,

THEN we can say that there is Peace.

No Future?

Why bother with an art?

It’s messy from the start!

It won’t ever make you money,

Unless it’s popular or funny.

Why get involved with stone or paint?

Why your reputation taint?

Do something practical, not fight

To get the words or shading right.

Music’s nice to listen to,

But there’s no future there for you.


Can you help me decorate?

I’ve seen your stuff; it’s really great!

How do I speak these words of love?

Yes, that’s what I was thinking of!

How shall we now be entertained?

Singer, actors! Glad they’re trained!

See that mural?! Wow, so cool!

Glad she’s not in business school.

Art is called expendable,

Yet it is indispensible.

As firefighters stop a blaze,

So art inspires in many ways.

Books in Progress!

I am excited to announce that the Interfaith Devotional I am writing with my friend Ekram is progressing nicely! The content is finished, now it is just about formatting.

Also, I have begun my first book of poetry, which I plan to self-publish. Keep an eye out for when these are released, and I’d like to give a big “thank you” to all of you who read and support my work. Y’all rock!