What’s in Front of Me?

What’s in front of me?

That’s all that I can do.

The tasks that I can see

Are all I can work through.

I cannot change the past;

The future’s out of sight.

The present will not last,

So I’ll just be,

Work faithfully,

And leave the rest up to the Light.

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Some Days, It Wears

Some days, it wears

the soul to bits;

The strife and fears

That never quit.

To see the wars

Beyond our doors

Tempts us sore

To hide, ignore.

If we must rest,

Let it be so.

But it is best

We not let go.

For all the dark

We have to see,

We are the spark

Of what may be.

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What I Decide

Am I the monster some might see

If granted glimpses into me?

They might say I’m “of a kind,”

Pass me by, and pay no mind;

Or given cause to raise a shout,

Make sure I know what I’m about,

Yet “they” are naught but static sound,

Critics who were not around

To see the changes I have made,

The ways I’ve grown, the price I’ve paid.

So let them their misleadings spout;

As for me, I hold no doubt

That, as far as I foresee,

I’ll be what I decide to be.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!