How do you let go

And stop receiving blows

When you’re the only one who knows

The very lowest of your lows?

When you look up and you see

How other sinners are received,

Do you wonder worriedly,

“My God, what would they think of me?”

Because we think this way,

Tighter to the chest we play.

And I think it’s safe to say

This should be fixed without delay.

For when we all pretend perfection,

We dare to think it is protection,

And avoidance from detection.

It’s preventing resurrection.

When we judge each other’s sin,

Cradling our own within,

There’s no freedom to begin

Healing for us and all our kin.

So live in kindness with each other,

With your sister and your brother.

Then the darkness we will smother,

Giving grace to one another.

Strong Love

Some say love will make you weak.

I say they know not what they speak.

My love has most assuredly

Strengthened and empowered me.

Through sleepless nights and hellish days,

Love sustains in all the ways.

When all is gained or kin are lost,

Love holds fast, ignores the cost.

Some see love as sacrifice,

And while that does sound kinda nice,

Know that true love does not take.

Your sacrifice is yours to make.

So whether friend or enemy,

Partner or your family,

Know that love’s a solid way

To change the world a bit today.