Many Days

Many days I vacillate

Between despair and hopefulness.

The bitterness and vile hate,

The love and many ways we bless.

I sometimes wish for only one,

That all our finest work be done.

Yet for Good to make her mark

There also must be temptation.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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Wooden Toys

Simple joys

Like wooden toys

Are sometimes hard to see.

But once they’re found,

They can astound

And strengthen us delightfully.

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Immersed in Time

We are immersed in time,

In space, in life, in Light.

Height by height we climb,

Hoping to get our dreams in sight.

A wheel of endless searching,

Til the turning’s made to cease.

Why waste the journey lurching

To and from each false release?

Why not savor every cycle,

Resting in the peace of now?

Life’s too short to trifle with

Or squander anyhow.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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Upcoming Book!

Hallo, all! I am super excited to reveal the cover for my upcoming collaboration with Ekram Haque!

Our work is a joint devotional with entries from an Islamic perspective and a Christian perspective, finding unity in our diversity as members of two very different faith traditions.

Another draft or so, then it will be released as an E-Book!

What a beauty!

Thanks and Be Blessed!

This Place

It’s a simple thing,

This wandering

In which we all partake.

We complicate

We hesitate,

And spend it half awake.

But if we pause,

Accept our flaws,

And opt instead for grace,

We’ll mindfully

And kindly see

The gift that is this place.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

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Time to Act

Hello, lovely Reader!

I appreciate how many of you read and respond to my work, so first off, THANK YOU!

As a Quaker, matters of justice and equality mean a lot to me, so I am asking you, dear reader, to follow this link and sign the petition in favor of the People’s Response Act.

This bill is a way to reimagine public safety, focus on restorative and equitable justice, and heal causes as opposed to punishing symptoms.

If you feel led, please sign the petition on the website and contact your representatives in support of the People’s Response Act!

It’s time to act,

No time to waste.

Don’t make Justice wait,

Make haste!

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