Deepest Bliss

My inner being craves your presence.

All your love adds to my essence.

Minor moments, deepest bliss

With every touch and laugh and kiss.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!


Sometimes it’s good to hit one’s knees,

When grateful, broken, humbled, pleased.

Though it may hurt or chafe the pride,

It may speak well to what’s inside.

When overwhelmed or broken down,

Feel no shame when on the ground.

We’re wiser when we do recall

That we’re not Master over all.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!

The Pace

Sometimes it all cannot get done

Within one circle of the Sun.

Works unfinished, tasks not begun,

Can be a plague for anyone.

We need to give ourselves some Grace.

Each day is but a finite space.

When failure crowds into our face,

Recall it’s we who set the pace.

Thanks for Reading! Be Blessed!