A Stand

Neutrality’s the enemy

Of Progress and Equality.

We cannot stand and idle be

While others struggle to be free.

It isn’t that we hate the State

In which we all cohabitate,

But we must all collaborate

To make our Nation truly great.

So long as some are left behind

And others choose to wander blind,

Justice will be hard to find

And Peace will stay a state of mind.

We must shift from punishment

And remake the establishment;

Correct the Systems’ racial bent

And strive for social betterment.

So do not speak of Unity

While some act with impunity,

But sacrifice Security,

Help others know Serenity.

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Into The Skies

Bear me up into the skies,

Where the winged falcon flies.

Let me skate across the dawn

As nighttime’s covering is drawn.

I want to dive into the blue

As midday chases off the dew,

And when my swim at last as done,

Bathe in the reds of sinking Sun.

I’ll dry off with the cloth of night

And rest beneath the twinkling light.

Easing back onto the ground,

I marvel at the peace I’ve found.

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Hope is Power

Hope is power

In such an hour

When all our Love seems to be soured.

For Justice, fight

‘Til all is right,

Yet never let Hope out of sight.

Take hold of Joy;

Delight, employ,

That Hope may thrive, not be destroyed.

The road is long,

The rival strong,

Yet this is right where we belong:

Side by side,

By fire tried,

With Love as our constant guide.

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