If you’re like me, you’ve learned that life can hurt. A lot. One of the first things to suffer in a world full of pain and mistakes tends to be our faith in God, people, and ourselves. This makes sense. However, I have found that faith is really the only thing that sustains me through those darker moments in life.

Now by faith, I don’t mean a kind of shallow optimism that denies the harsh reality of things. There is too much of that being sold out there, and frankly, it worsens the sense of hopelessness already present in our world. What I am talking about is a spiritual approach to life in all of its great and terrible aspects. I am a Quaker, and so that is the spirituality I will be putting forth. However, it is my hope that if nothing else, the words in these devotionals will provide a sense of real, substantive hope in you, regardless of where you’re coming from.

In these devotionals and conversations, we are going to look at faith and life with critical, open eyes (not to mention a healthy dose of sarcasm). Having experienced abuse, loss, heartbreak, and the disastrous consequences of my own doings, I can’t honestly do anything less. However, I also know what it is to experience the unconditional love of God, particularly through my loved ones. Darkness and light make up all of life, and hopefully the conversations on this site will reflect that. It is my hope that you will take this journey with me, and that what you find on this site will edify you in your own walk through life.