My Tea

In the dark with my tea,

“Who do I want to be?”

The sun will soon rise

And give light to my eyes,

Yet it is right here

Where my thoughts become clear.

As the heat of the drink

Warms my mind up to think,

I consider my way

And who I’ll be today.

Things will go wrong,

Yet I must move along

And take care to react

With my mind still intact.

Things will go rightly

I won’t take it lightly.

For it’s not a platitude

To act with gratitude.

I’ll love far and near,

All the ones I hold dear

And the stranger outside

Who all others deride.

I’ll work with my best

And when put to the test,

I will give it my all

And then let the chips fall.

So here I do sit,

Thinking through all of it,

Calling forth my best me

In the dark with my tea.

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