Looking to the Left and Right,

I realize neither has it right.

Whether health or liberty,

College or economy,

Military, race, or sex

Their views and words just don’t reflect

The truth in all they grouse about.

It’s time we went a different route.

Stop choosing teams like it’s a game

Or things will end up just the same.

Get to know the needs of all,

Lest in selfishness we fall.

Seek to find the middle way

And balance freedom with fair play.

Instead of easing suffering,

Take steps so it stops happening.

Instead of blaming one another,

Try to get to know each other.

Every feeling, every stance

Comes from a person’s circumstance.

Try on one another’s shoes

‘Cause there’s too much we stand to lose

For being stubborn, dimmed by pride.

It’s time we crafted our own side.

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