Haiku: Theology

In theology,

Remember your words reveal

More of you than God.

4 thoughts on “Haiku: Theology”

  1. Interesting Haiku. Thanks for sharing. Do you mean that people oftentimes take Scripture and craft it into their own theological interpretation rather than God’s? If so, is it possible for anyone to have an accurate understanding of what God teaches us from the Bible? Look forward to your reply. Blessings!

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! As a Quaker, what I mean is that words fail when it comes to what we call God. God is beyond boxing or defining, which is sort of ironically indicated by the name and context of YHWH in Exodus. What I’ve found (especially in seminary and more structured religious worlds) is that what people emphasize about God or the labels they assign to God reveal more about their nature than the Divine nature. Now, a difference that I am noticing in our views on Scripture (just based on your comment, correct me if I’m wrong) is for me, the Bible is an entirely human text. It’s a vehicle that God of course *might* use to speak to us. The Bible is full of reflections of the culture and values of the ancient near east and often shows more of what the authors felt than some objective, divine revelation (again, in my eyes). But that’s a whole other discussion entirely. I hope that clarifies my meaning for you! Peace be with you!

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